What You Need To Know About the Saudi Arabia Cup

In the exciting world of horse racing, there has been a new development which has been circulating international headlines and for a very good reason. The Saudi Arabia Cup is set to be the highest paying horse racing event of all time and the prizes are simply sensational. Here is everything you need to know about the Cup and why it’s regarded as the future of horse racing.

Horse Racing Events

These races are amongst the most exclusive and attractive races in the world as the purse winnings rank in the millions. Sportsbooks around the world also generate massive payouts and it will be sites like www.novibet.co.uk to host the odds for the Saudi Cup. Now the Saudi Arabia Cup is offering $20 million dollars as a prize and naturally, the best will be in attendance.

The Purse

The $20 million dollars will be divided with the first place prize of $10 million dollars going to the winner. Second place will take $3.5 million while the remainder will be spread amongst winning spots. What’s more is that the race is free to enter and only the best will be selected.

The Event

The Saudi Arabia Cup will be held on the 29th of February 2020, a special day indeed what with it being Leap Year. The date of the race falls right between the Pegasus Cup and the Dubai Cup, two much anticipated race events.

The Track

Held over 9 furlongs, 1,800 meters the track has been specifically designed for this event. A maximum of 14 horses will be competing for the millions of dollars up for grabs and thousands are expected to be in attendance. The race is set to take place on the track dubbed “King Abdulaziz” Racetrack which is located in Riyadh.

Prince Bandar bin Khalid Al Faisal

The Prince told the media that he looks forward to hosting the event as it will be the most significant event in the history of his country and is a big deal for his people. He went on to say that he hopes the Saudi Arabia Cup demonstrates their resolves to develop the great sport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Prince has high hopes of Saudi Arabia becoming one of the biggest racing events in the world and that his country will become a leading player in the game of horse racing.

Prince Bandar also said he looks forward to welcoming all the sportsmen and women as well as the visitors in attendance and hopes that tourists enjoy their visit in his Kingdom.

World renowned racer Frankie Dettori will be in attendance and has praised the racetrack saying it is one of the best he has ever ridden.

The country has plans to host a Formula 1 event come 2020 so naturally the news of this new cup is drawing even more attention to the country. With this kind of media attention, the country ought to generate profitable funds due to the tourist market and an elite one at that.