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It seems that All Weather Racing isn't everyone's 'cup of tea'

Incredible as it sounds some people would actually prefer to watch horses plod around a field for miles and miles jumping over obstacles.

So for those with a particular affection for the Jumps Season I present a Systems Guide that's not for the AW but for National Hunt Racing...

18 National Hunt Trainer Systems (Oct - Dec)

Once again the systems have been meticulously researched, but this time, to find the trainers who have been doing well during the first three months of the NH Season.

I've looked at Early starters, Late starters, Chases, Hurdles, NH Flat races, 8 specific tracks and even found a less well known Trainer who has been quietly going about the business of making a profit in low grade chase races.

I've also got a slightly strange System for quite a big stable that really shouldn't work, but does. The results over the last 5 seasons have been amazing!














So, let's end 2020 with a smile!

With an all new, National Hunt Trainers Systems Guide

It contains 18 trainer systems covering the first three months of the jumps Season (October 1st - December 31st).

And just like the AW Systems Guide, you can have a 100% FREE COPY.

The all new 2020 NH Systems Guide is NOW AVAILABLE from the link below…

PLEASE NOTE: If you signed up to the AW email notification service you'll get the NH qualifiers included. No need to pay twice!

This is a 100% FREE GUIDE

FREE to download, FREE from sign-ups, FREE from card details and FREE for everyone!

It's a direct link straight to the Guide and it's yours to keep.

My gift to you for surviving an absolute shocker of a year!

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2 thoughts on “FREE NH Racing Systems

  • I have subscribed to have the qualifiers sent to me by email but so far nothing. Is that correct? Do you state ‘nothing today’ or simply not message at all ?

    • Hi,
      If you take a look at the Guide you’ll note that the service runs from October 1st until December 31st.
      Qualifier emails will be sent out from the 30th September.

      Hope this helps.

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