Betting Disputes


It's hard enough as it is to win at betting without Bookmakers going out of their way to refuse you payment on a legitimate claim.

After I published my betting spat with Paddy Power last Summer (you can read about it HERE), and my subsequent victory over them, I had a number of emails from readers wanting my advice on similar betting disputes.

The most recent of these concerned an ante-post bet placed by a Blog reader with Betfair at Cheltenham. The reader sought my advice as Betfair had refused to void his bet and refund his stake due to an erroneous application of their own rules. On the evidence produced and my knowledge of betting rules I was 100% certain that Betfair were in the wrong and told him to go back and speak with a senior trader, quoting a specific rule, to get the matter resolved. This is what he did and within a couple of hours the decision was reversed and he had his stake returned.

It was a simple case of the Betfair trader who originally dealt with the bet having a limited knowledge of horse racing and not knowing his own company's rules. Luckily the reader had an inkling the decision was wrong and sought my advice on the matter.

All's well that ends well in this particular case but there is no doubt this is happening daily with a large number of punters not knowing they are entitled to money back or punters disputing a payment and then giving up at the first sign of resistance, usually in the form of an email from the bookmaker dismissing their claim.


Email your horse-racing betting disputes to

For instance, did you know that...

If you back a horse ante-post and it is balloted out, as opposed to taken out of the race, you will get your money back even if the market was not under Non Runner No Bet (NRNB) conditions?

or how about this, did you also know that...

If you place an each way ante-post bet the place terms you receive when you placed the bet are the terms that stand? So if you place a bet with each way place terms of 1/4 odds 1.2.3 you will receive those place terms even if only 5 runners eventually take part in the race. Anyone backing Petite Mouchir each way, ante post in this years Arkle should have been paid out even though he was 3rd in a 5 runner race.

To help all punters get a fair 'crack of the whip' I'm setting up this new page for any reader who would like some advice as to how to challenge a bookmaker with regard to a betting dispute. A sort of Betting Equalizer....

Whether a bookmaker is refusing to pay out on a bet, whether you think they have worked out your returns wrongly, whether you want clarification on a set of bookmaker rules or if you just want some guidance as to a bet you have had with a bookmaker I will give you my advice.

I'm an ex-bookmaker with decades of experience in the betting industry and have extensive knowledge of the rules of horse racing. I have no ties to any bookmaking firm and can promise a 100% independent review of your dispute. My expertise is within the world of horse-racing and so, unfortunately, I can't offer advice on betting disputes for any other sports. It's horse-racing only for the time being.

Email your disputes to

Please remember, I'm only offering to give my advice and any conclusions I come to will not be legally binding. I can only offer advice on the information you give me so please be thorough in your description of your dispute. Holding back or omitting to mention any details may change the whole nature of a dispute.

And obviously if you don't agree with me and still want to pursue any claim then don't forget there is always IBAS an independent adjudication service that all the leading bookmakers have signed up to and have agreed to abide by the rulings of.

It's a totally 100% free service but be patient, they have a large backlog and disputes can take months to resolve....

Contact details are here