Ayr Gold/Silver/Bronze Cups

Call me mad but this weekend I'm going to attempt the impossible treble!

6 x 1pt EW Singles
12 x 1/4pt EW Doubles
8 x 1/4pt EW  Trebles

These are my Ayr Gold, Silver and Bronze Cup selections (2x2x2)...

BRONZE CUP (Friday 3.20pm)

SHOW ME SHOW ME 33/1 (6 places)
MARK'S CHOICE 9/1 (6 places)

SILVER CUP (Saturday 2.30pm)

ROYAL SCIMITAR 10/1 (6 places)
BOARDMAN 16/1 (6 places)

GOLD CUP (Saturday 3.40pm)

POPMASTER 10/1 (7 places)
SUNDAY SOVEREIGN 28/1 (7 places)