An introduction to Lucky 15 betting

One of the most asked questions from newcomers surrounding betting on horse racing concerns the Lucky 15 bet and what it is. It can be perceived as being extremely hard to fathom for beginners but it’s far from the case once you understand the ins and outs. For the more experienced punter, Lucky 15's have become a cornerstone in their betting activity and it makes sense given just how flexible they are.

Rather than picking a bet which can either win or lose, Lucky 15 bets offer the chance for your bet to continue into later races. This is unsurprisingly one of the most appealing attributes for those backing this type of horse racing bet. Getting to know how Lucky 15's work is made easier by tipsters, who offer help in picking the selections for you.

Sites like The Winners Enclosure’s Lucky 15's are often particularly popular with punters, and are worth checking out.

What exactly is a Lucky 15?

Unlike all other form of bets, a Lucky 15 can still return profit if one or more of your selections loses. For a Lucky 15 you need to simply select four horses in separate races. If betting online then go down to where you’d enter in your stake, and another tab titled ‘Lucky 15’ will appear. The bet will involve all four horses being linked with each other in every possible variation, amounting to four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator made up from all four selections.

If some of your selections win and others lose, you will be given returns depending on the amount of results which go in your favour. This means that if two horses win, you will receive the winnings from these two winning single bets, as well as the returns from a double on the two selections; you won’t receive any further winnings, but it means you won't lose your entire stake and may even make a profit.

When backing your own Lucky 15 tips for today, it’s important that you’re aware of how the stake works. As there’s a total of fifteen different bets in a Lucky 15, your stake is therefore fifteen times whatever you unit stake is. This means that with a typical £1 stake, you’re total stake to cover all permutations in the bet will be £15. Putting £15 on isn’t something you have to do though, as you can enter in any stake, and simply multiply it by 15 i.e. 10p unit stake = £1.50, 50p = £7.50.

You can also back Each Way Lucky 15 bets, which takes it to 30 bets or simply double the win stake i.e £1ew Lucky 15 is £30, 10pew Lucky 15 is £3 and 50pew Lucky 15 is £15

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